THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- A war crimes suspect who is also head of Central African Republic's soccer federation has been sent to the International Criminal Court, where he … Home » Central African Republic tries to curb religious war crimes Prosecutor appointed after a Christian neighborhood was attacked . Foreigners – Offense Within Country. But in the meantime, no coherent military force appears able to … Police (VEHICLE) France declared arrested and Central African Republic versus humankind. A U.N. report published last year said a litany of killings, rapes, mutilation, looting and torture committed by successive governments and armed groups in Central African Republic from 2003 to 2015 may constitute crimes against humanity. War crimes and crimes against humanity are being committed in the Central African Republic, Amnesty International said at the close of a two-week mission to the country.. A UN report suggests both sides in the conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) have committed war crimes, but says talk of ethnic cleansing is premature. “This is the first indictment in a procedure initiated by the Pnat concerning acts committed in the Central African Republic,” the statement said. The organization is calling for the rapid deployment of a robust UN peacekeeping force with a clear mandate to protect civilians – and sufficient resources to do so effectively. More about Central African Republic Since 2011, there have only been two criminal sessions in the country - both at the high court in Bangui. Christians and rights groups have said Central African Republic’s appointment of a prosecutor to bring war criminals to justice will help restore peace in the country. People in the Central African Republic are living in a human rights nightmare. In its report entitled "War Crimes in the Central African Republic" , FIDH emphasizes on the international criminal responsibility for war crimes of the Congolese Jean-Pierre Bemba, the "Chadian" mercenary Abdoulaye Miskine and the Central African Republic President, Ange-Félix Patassé. Neither of these sessions addressed crimes … A former guardian of ousted Central African President François Bozizé, in power from 2003 to 2013, was indicted Friday evening in Paris, in particular for "complicity in crimes against humanity" and "complicity in war crimes" , then imprisoned, said the national anti-terrorism prosecution (Pnat) on Saturday. Crimes Against Humanity. Nationals. War Crimes. Genocide. See Judge Probes Alleged ADF War Crimes in Afghanistan, SBS (Oct. 13, 2016), ... Central African Republic. The Central African Republic ratified the Rome Statute and has been a signatory member of the International Criminal Court. We have recorded and verified proof of extensive war crimes and crimes against humanity during the period between December 2013 and May 2014. Foreigners – Offense Abroad.