639 € 97 . Do either of these have any advantages over the other? Yamaha DXR10 MKII. 45 € 13 . 1.054 € 58 . JBL EON610. LD Systems ICOA 15 A. Complicated one point find a Yamaha cover. Likes Received 128 Posts 276. G. Guitar Vilain Member. Silver Supporting Member. Very compact and solid. JBL EON610 vs Yamaha DXR10. Yamaha DXR10. The DXR mkII Series powered loudspeakers are the newly upgraded models of the series that add even more SPL and feature a larger 1.75” Neodymium HF compression driver for extremely clear voice reproduction and musicality with less weight. Yamaha DZR10-D & DXS15XLF-D January 2020; Sign Up TO SOS Newsletters. To me they feel pretty much bulletproof. Enlightened. 3 weeks 6 days ago. The Yamaha DZR10-D is loaded with great-sounding, custom-designed transducers. I did a lot of looking around on blogs and such before choosing this model, and I have not been disappointed. Share on. 1 of 3 Go to page. … Next Last. JBL Eon 615. 30 € 13 . I have my name on the CLR list - should be at the top by month's end - and have read some good things about the yamaha dxr10's on here and on the kemper site - could be the same poster on both but that's irrelevant - at least with the yamaha's I may be able to track one down locally to demo. Thread starter petty1818; Start date Sep 27, 2015; 1; 2; 3; Next. I have 2 CLR Neo II and 2 DXR10’s, I’ve tried another few speakers (ASM-12, Matrix FR10, ...) and these are the only ones I’ve kept. Mastering Essentials Part 5 - Compression & Limiting 5 days 22 hours ago. I'm considering buying the Yamaha DXR10 or DXR12 … Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. 275 € 6 . 12.68 in. First disappointment with Yamaha: there is substancial background noise due to the cooling system. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and … Latest Videos. 177 € Yamaha DZR12-D. 1.490 € 2 . JBL EON610 Shop now at Amazon. Anyone seen any DXR10's for cheap? Posts 1. Not even need to return by putting DXR10 behind and no feedback!. JBL PRX812W. Thomann Cover Pro Yamaha DXR10. Whether providing simple vocal/instrument amplification, very powerful floor monitoring or comprising a compact SR system—the DXR10 delivers without compromising sound quality and power. View deals. 555 € 5 . Yamaha HS8 Shop now at Amazon. 19.76 in. 21.97 in. Messages 933. Its high-frequency transducer includes a 2-inch voice coil and 1-inch throat compression driver, a titanium diaphragm, and neodymium magnet housed in a heat-resistant aluminum-cast frame. Yamaha DXR10 vs DXR12 or DXR15. Housed in durable, compact ABS enclosures, the 10" DXR10mkII 2-way speakers represent Yamaha's latest sound reinforcement technology. I like the boom and presence of a Marshall amp and I just can't get that out of these. Ingolf Member. Thomann Cover Pro Yamaha DXR8. … Mackie SRM 210 V-Class. Yamaha DZR15. You'll be amazed at the sonic clarity and depth you get from Yamaha's DXR10mkII powered loudspeakers, part of their DXR/DXS line of Class D–powered PA speakers. the sssnake Powercord UK C13 1,5m. Messages 3,553. Yamaha DXR10 vs DXR12. Yamaha DXR12 MKII. Yamaha DXR8 (or DXR10) vs Line 6 L2t/L2m. I got myself a pair of DXR12s for an unbeatable price 2 years ago and I have been using them in… 639 € 4092 . Hi guys,since many KPA users rely on Yamaha´s DXR series as active FRFR monitors, many potential buyers ask themselves whether to get the DXR12 or the DXR10. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Curious why more people have not used the 12" version, Yamaha DXR12 p.s. 3,85 € 191 . Leaving aside the digital feature set for the moment, the first impression I gained when unpacking and handling the DZR speakers was that they were solid. May 6, 2013 #7 So my DXR10 arrived today and I've given it a … Elles assurent un son de haute résolution à n’importe quel niveau de sortie. EN PL DE. DXR10 10” 2-way Powered Loudspeaker Portable, yet capable of producing an astonishing 131 dB SPL, the DXR10’s compact, functional design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. The Yamaha DXR 10's have been my go-to FRFR cabs since 2013. 17,90 € 11 . Yamaha DZR10-D and DXS15 XLF Speakers. Yamaha DZR12. Kettner Creative Audio Visual 136,228 views Configuration: DZR10-D combines 10” woofer with 1’’ exit HF compression driver on 90×60 horn; Power: DZR10-D has … Yamaha DXR10 vs Yamaha HS8. Yamaha DXR10 MKII. HK Audio Premium PR:O 08A. Light, no need to be two to mount on supports. 1.054 € 214 . 444 € 1 . Jan 3rd 2018 #1; I currently have Alto 112's and they sound OK I guess, but they don't have quite the presence and range of sound that I'm looking for. EV EKX-12P. 9.84 in. The Behringer is quit Second … Advertiser Disclosure. I recently purchased a pair of Yamaha DXR10's for my CP4. 345 € 419 € 1 . Without needing to boost the power (the button on the left line input to zero) it really sent. I'm using my Yamaha DXR10 for a monitor with my Kemper Profiling Pre-Amp, and it sounds like heaven. Yamaha … Headrush FRFR 108 vs. Yamaha DXR 10. Yamaha DXR10. Or coupon codes that work on them? Thread starter fazer; Start date Apr 23, 2017; Tags dxr frfr stagesource; fazer Member. Intermediate. 888 € 25 . 399 € Yamaha DZR10-D. 1.239 € 8 . Yamaha DXR10 Shop now at Amazon. Thread starter chrisjnyc; Start date Dec 17, 2015; chrisjnyc. Yamaha DBR12. Sep 27, 2015 #1 I am looking to buy a pair of monitors for my band and was wondering how these two models compare? Millenium MS 2014. How To Select The Right Speaker For Your Event (Yamaha DXR, DSR) - Duration: 6:23. 1 of 3 Go to page. Yamaha DBR15. Go. La DZR10 est une enceinte 2 voies bi-amplifiée offrant une extraordinaire définition à un niveau de pression acoustique maximal remarquable de 137 dB SPL. Available colors: User rating ★ 1 … tylerhb; Nov 20th 2015; 1; 2; 3 Page 3 of 3; Online. 635 € 2 . 15.35 in. Yamaha DXR8 MKII. PROS: Great sound; Dante integration increases convenience and functionality; High SPL output for size. 555 € 58 . CONS: Portable, but hefty — low weight is sacrificed for better quality (use of plywood vs. plastic enclosures) STATS. Yamaha DXS12 MKII. Yamaha DXR8 MKII. Beginner. Yamaha dxr10 MK2 Vibrating problem !! Yamaha DBR10. New forum posts. 1.333 € 23 . RCF ART 310 A MK III. Aug 19, 2019 #1 These are my impressions comparing the two units. Yamaha DBR12. Christmas shopping discounts. For this review, Yamaha provided a pair of the DZR10-D speakers, complete with covers, together with a single DXS15XLF‑D subwoofer. 639 € 7 . Yamaha DBR10. 792 € 98 . DZR10-D / DZR10-DW Powered Loudspeaker The DZR10-D is a Dante-equipped 2-way bi-amped powered loudspeaker that offers superb clarity at an impressive maximum SPL of 137dB. Yamaha DXR8 MKII. 609 € 699 € 1 . Go. Messages 940. JBL IRX 108 BT. Comparison of JBL EON610 and Yamaha DXR10 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. They always … 609 € 699 € 3 . Available colors: User rating ★ 1 Star ★ 2 Star ★ 3 Star ★ 4 Star ★ 5 Star … Jan 1st 2016 #41; Quote from giletti. Yamaha DXR12 MKII. 12.01 in. Avec une amplification puissante, un traitement DSP sophistiqué et une superbe dynamique, la DZR10 offre une qualité sonore et des performances impressionnantes dans … Yamaha DXR12 MKII. Yamaha DXR10 vs Behringer B212D. And I agree with the OP that in a A/B test, the CLRs is easily the better sounding speaker in every single way. 792 € 52 . Descriptif. Yeah, I'm thinking that mine might have an issue ... Go for it now. yamaha dbr10 vs alto ts110a comparative comparativa comparaÇao test teste wich is the best? QSC K10 vs. Yamaha DXR10. I decided to do a comparison between the Yamaha DBR10 and ALTO TS110A speakers. FCC INFORMATION (U.S.A.) petty1818 Member. just received one of the Yamaha DXR10 and compared it quickly with my Behringer B212D. Yamaha DXR10 vs. DXR12 – comparison incl. 677 € 23 . 677 € 3 . 309 € 399 € 20 . The DXR10s are smaller, lighter and a lot louder. Whether providing simple vocal/instrument amplification, very powerful floor monitoring or comprising a compact SR system - the DXR10 delivers without compromising sound quality and power. First Look. X. Apr 23, 2017 #1 Has anyone had a chance to compare these Yamaha and Line 6 options for use with a modeller, more specifically, Helix? 12.01 in. 988 € 1 . Zappledan. DXR10 Enceinte active deux voies 10” Portable, yet capable of producing an astonishing 131 dB SPL, the DXR10’s compact, functional design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. 677 € 1 . 19.76 in . They tend to suffer from a rather "nasal-like" quality at higher volumes. 30 € 3127 . While they're ready for duty as part of a full-scale stage rig, DXR10mkII speakers pack … Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match 1 month 4 days ago. 598 € 2 . 444 € Yamaha DZR10-D. 1.239 € 5 . Achetez votre Yamaha DZR10-D sur SonoVente.com, Sonorisation à un prix à couper le souffle ! FBT PROMaxX 110A. Check it out, and let me know which speaker sounds better in your opinion. audio samples. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. Yamaha DBR15. Yamaha HS8. My only complaint is the mid range of the acoustic piano voices aren't quite as strong and often sound "muddy." Millenium BS-2211B MKII Set. Next Last. Les enceintes actives de la Série DBR héritent des technologies d’amplification, de transducteurs et de DSP haut de gamme développées pour les gammes d’enceintes professionnelles DSR et DXR. (In the UK, the Line 6 options are significantly … I even preferred them to the Atomic CLR's due to a better form factor. Yamaha DXR10 | POIDS : 14.6 kg | DIMENSIONS : 305x502x310| ID : 33794 Présentation Le haut-parleur actif 2 voies DXR10 de Yamaha est équipé d'un boomer de 10" accompagné d'un tweeter à compression de 1.4", qui offrent un son haute résolution avec une large réponse en fréquence, et de profondes basses. 409 € 668 € Yamaha DZR10-D. 1.239 € 2 . That happiness. Hmm, tested this ... and through the XLR my DXR-12 it sounded better and more alive than the 1/4" to me. 98 € ... 14,40 € 3 . Yamaha DZR12. The clarity & projection of the Rhodes voices split with LH acoustic bass is really good! Yamaha DXS15 MKII. Messages 775. 666 € 968,42 € 8 . retailer, please contact Yamaha Corporation of America, Electronic Service Division, 6600 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA90620 The above statements apply ONLY to those products distrib-uted by Yamaha Corporation of America or its subsidiaries. Yamaha CBR10. 55 € 69 € 1 . Yamaha DXS12 MKII. sclaytonmd; Jan 3rd 2018; sclaytonmd. Comparison of Yamaha DXR10 and Yamaha HS8 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. Shure SM58 LC. What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? YAMAHA DZR10. Currently, I play at church and out and about when opportunity presents itself and use this little baby as a personal monitor for vocals and guitar. 555 € 8 . Yamaha DZR15. Thread starter Ingolf; Start date Aug 19, 2019; 1; 2; 3; Next. diego; Apr 30th 2013; Closed 1 Page 1 of 2; 2; diego. EN PL DE. Yamaha DXR10 Shop now at Amazon. Yamaha DXR10 MKII. K&M 80340. 598 € RCF NX 10-A II. Dec 17, 2015 #1 Seems like a lot of guys have bonded with the Yamaha DXR10 for use with a modeler. 1.333 € 13 . Mackie SRM 210 V-Class. Messages 6,322. Yamaha DZR10-D. 1.239 € 5 . Likes Received 1,542 Posts 5,753. 399 € 9 . Enceinte 2 voies bi-amplifiée 137dB SPL. My PA set up consists of the QSC TM16 mixer and two K12's so it makes sense to go for the k10's but the DXR10… 598 € 2112 . Behringer Moving Head MH710. Yamaha DBR10 vs QSC K10; Product Comparison: Yamaha DBR10 vs QSC K10. Apr 30th 2013 #1; Hi guys. 255 € 13 .