Add to Basket . 4 th on our list of the best hand pruners is the ARS HP-VS8Z. Add to Cart. Fits all Felco pruners and loppers except Felco 4 and Felco 30. Hartelijk welkom bij KOX!Zoekt u de shop voor Nederland? Felco 921 Side by Side Holster F921 . Their replacement parts are easy to find. They could not cut anything without hard squeezing, even raspberry canes, and they just barely cut the ½-inch dowel and ¾-inch buckthorn branch. Mar 5, 2010 #6 Here I was going to reccommend a pair of Coronas, because everybody elses hand pruners and loppers have failed miserably for us. The blades are sharp enough to slice through spindly stems and thick branches swiftly and efficiently. 3 product ratings - Replacement Blade & Set of 2 Spring For Felco 2, 4, 11, 400 Pruner Tracking # C $28.88. My husband took them apart, oiled them, and replaced the blade. We were ready to name the slightly superior ARS model as our top choice—but over the course of writing this guide, we saw that model’s price rise by as much as $30. Ce vendeur de felco 6 dont la société est Rubart GmbH ayant pour activité principale GmbH fait parti des vendeurs de taille moyenne et mérite 18 sur 20 selon les acheteurs. The action was smooth enough—and the blade was sharp enough—that I was able to cut through a ¾-inch branch single-handed with the Coronas. The Corona BP 3180’s handles are also large enough, and splay out widely enough, to feel unwieldy for many people with small to medium hands—but if you have big hands and a small budget, the Corona BP 3180 is a solid choice. Off Grid Winch: Making a Flip Flop Winch - … Felco 2 Baypass Pruner Classic Model F2 . UNLOCKING & using Felco 2 ($90) secateurs. The Corona BP 3350 Bypass Pruner with Adjustable Grip is economical, and you can buy replacement blades. Selv om du skulle være uheldig og beskadige skæret ved for eksempel at klippe i metal eller sten, kan skæret let udskiftes. 2,5 cm. The price volatility was the clincher, and we decided that recommending the Felco 2 as our first choice would give readers a nearly perfect tool that wouldn’t be a hassle to find and buy. Achetez Felco 41700 lame de rechange pour 2 2/3, Gris: Livraison & retours gratuits possible (voir conditions) 1,0 sur 5 étoiles BETRUG: China-Schere statt Felco2 Commenté en Allemagne le 2 janvier 2019 Habe eine Felco 2 Gartenschere bestellt und bezahlt. Compared with cheaper pruners, Felco tools not only work better but also last longer—you can adjust and repair them, you can replace parts, and you'll find that they’re just plain tougher and more durable than the competition. There are better options. No US merchants currently offer this model. But the cuts were clean, and the blades didn’t strip bark from live branches. 3.6 out of 5 stars 3. A minority of commenters on Amazon also complain that this model is prone to rust. The Felco 2 sliced through scallions and tree branches with finesse, leaving almost everything in our test with a perfectly flat, smooth cut edge. Felco 211-40 Curved cutting head 15.7in Lopper F-211-40 . 59 sold. Felco 2/15. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Bundle - 2 Items: Felco 2 Bypass Pruner with Leather Holster 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. That rivet means that the lower blade is firmly attached—but it also means that if you ever need to replace the lower blade, you’re going to need to rivet it, or find someone who can. April 9, 2013 at 7:30 pm. 99,00 kr. With anvil pruners, a sharpened blade simply stops on a hard, flat surface; this design is better suited for dry, dead brush. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Below is a chart that we hope will help differentiate the models. Le sécateur Felco n o 2 demeure le seul modèle qui subsiste inchangé depuis plus de 70 ans. However, the handles spread very wide, and the anvil blade is broad as well. Olga Kraus, a certified horticulturist with over 20 years of experience working in the nursery trade, and one of the pro landscapers we consulted at the Ecological Landscape Alliance, said, “The Felco 2's I have been using for 25 years were joined last year by a pair of Felco 6's.” Gardeners writing reviews on the arborist supply site Tree Stuff have similar stories: One person has had the “same pair for 13 years and counting.” Another has owned a pair for 12 years—“longer than I've done tree work, and they're still on the first blade.” And here’s a perfect example, also from a Tree Stuff reviewer: “I have [had] ... a set of these pruners for 16 years for personal use and 5 of the years professionally. At World of Felco we sell the full range of Felco secateurs available to purchase in the UK. Others, like Felco, usually have a metal coil (right). ARS ARS-KR-1000 Cisailles universelles ultra légères 4,7 étoiles sur 5 358. Felco 2/19 Edging Ring Holds rubber bumper in handle. They’re sharp, durable, smooth, easy to repair, and easy to find. The Gardenite also required more ratchets to cut through branches: four to cut the ⅜-inch Norway maple branch, five to get through the ¾-inch buckthorn. Typical hardware-store pruners score in the range of 50 to 54, and several companies (Felco and Bahco, among others) will not release information about the hardness of their steel. Si votre outil est particulièrement sale ou susceptible de rouiller après une exposition à l'humidité, ne repoussez pas le nettoyage. The Corona BP 6310 had a hard time cutting scallions, and required significantly more force to close than most other bypass models; I needed two hands to cut the ¾-inch buckthorn. Fiche produit. Still using same pair and they still work as good as new!” This extreme level of durability sets Felco products apart from all the cheaper pruners you can get (and really, most products in the modern world). Felco tools also have one major advantage over the great ARS model: Felco pruners are everywhere. PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant: The highest level of data & payment protection This tool was the only model that consistently made perfectly clean, flat cuts in soft stems, woody growth, hardwood dowels, and even ¾-inch buckthorn branches without crushing or tearing anything—and with less effort. The Felco 2 is ½ inch longer than our also-great pick, the ARS HP-VS8Z. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Beyond a sharp edge, the ARS tool’s blades have a very precise bypass tolerance straight out of the box, which is critical to that smooth, never-stuck cutting action and the perfect results you see on every cut. In 2010 I published Boston's Gardens and Green Spaces, a Boston Globe Local Bestseller. I judged the tools by the quality of their cut—whether they mashed the material or left fibers hanging, whether they required a great deal of force to make the cut, and whether they cut consistently throughout the testing. 4:07. The Felco (and ARS) models are just a bit easier for men and women of more modest size to handle. 50 $17.71 $17.71. ARS makes the rest of the tool as carefully as it does the blades. 18,90 € Il ne reste plus que 4 exemplaire(s) en stock. The sap groove prevents the blade sticking when cutting "sappy" wood. CDN$57.48. Rittenhouse Felco 2 Bypass Pruner with 2/90 Bolt and Nut Kit and Replacement Springs (Bundle, 3 Items) CDN$ 115.28 CDN$ 115. I use my #6 Felco pruners constantly. Niwaki to be precise and their range of secateurs. Below is a chart that we hope will help differentiate the models. The Felco Model No. They last, too: Owners on BladeForums make comments such as “I have used the same pair of 8" pruners professionally for the last 9 years and they will definitely outlast me.” Wayne Schoech at Stone Lantern said his firm carried replacement Okatsune springs. That final squeeze makes cutting feel somewhat clunky compared with the EZ Kut’s smooth action. I have a lot of Coronas mounted to commercial mowers, the old basic model pruners in 3/4 and 1". Puiu Toma 32,839 views. The pruners are 8" in overall length and sell for $30.00 and up. Its cutting action was smoother and its blades were sharper, and it required less effort than anything else in our test (with the exception, again, of the ARS HP-VS8Z). Amazon; Amazon: Overview. À double tranchant Capacité de coupe 20 mm Longueur totale 19,5 cm 210 g Acier Matière du manche Aluminium . Avantages du produit. Découvrez la haute qualité suisse, issue d'une expérience de plusieurs décennies et profitez du grand choix d'outils professionnels.Chez nous, vous trouverez les sécateurs Felco en différentes versions : du modèle de base en passant par les sécateurs pour gauchers, jusqu'au sécateur à poignée tournante, en diverses tailles. Felco 2 passer til en medium til stor hånd, hvilket svarer til handskestørrelse 9 og opefter. Felco 2/16 $1.59. 24. The Felco pruners cut every other sample perfectly and effortlessly, and performed better than any of the other tools we tried. The clasp, the handles, and the gear housing are all made of plastic. Avantages du produit. Alerte prix. When I used the ratchet, it crushed and tore the canes on a majority of cuts. Note that the FELCO 2 (which measures 8.5 inches in total length) is designed specifically for larger hands, while the FELCO 6 (which is 7.7 inches long) is intended for smaller hands. Felco 2/14 screw. Unfortunately, ARS does not make left-handed pruners; for that, you’ll have to get a Felco 9. The fact that the Felco pruners cut everything well will be obvious right away, and what you’ll find over time is that they could honestly last forever. Le modèle original répond aux mêmes exigences de fabrication que tous les autres sécateurs Felco, mais ses poignées sont plus droites. So there’s a new player in town gathering pace in the world of pruning tools. Lost them for several months. Most of our testing was on standard bypass pruners, but we also tried pruners with rotating handles to reduce fatigue, as well as ratcheting pruners that make large cuts with less force. Bienvenue chez KOX ! As the Felco Store says: If a nut is too loose, branches will get stuck between the blades; too tight, and it’s hard to force the blades together to make a cut. Felco Hand Pruner Replacement Blade (2/3) for Felco hand pruner models: F2, F4 & F11 - Spare Cutting Blade for Garden Pruning Shears & Bypass Clippers (Single Pack) 4.9 out of 5 stars 510. The first criterion we considered was the quality of the blades. $77.24 $ 77. The Coronas seem to be designed for landscaping crews full of big, burly guys with wide palms. The blades also didn’t close especially smoothly. From United States. That’s another feature that separates Felco models from the cheaper pruners. FELCO 7 vs Fiskars (Garda de protectie) vs Florabest vs Old Grape Russian Scissor - Duration: 4:07. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 29. Felco 2/12 $2.36. Pygar Inc Felco F-5 Classic Manual Pruning Shears 4.6 out of 5 stars 348. Loaded with everything that makes Felco Secateurs so great. The Corona BP 3180 is an economical choice that can easily trim delicate scallion stems and slice right through raspberry canes. Its lightweight, aluminum handles act as an extension of your forearm for comfortable use. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. According to Fiskars, the Fiskars PowerGear2 “multiplies leverage to give you up to 3.2x more power on every cut.” However, power is not the same as finesse. C $39.56. Out of the box, we found this blade-to-blade tolerance to be precise and accurate, but all pruners go out of alignment eventually. I’ve been gardening in the Boston area for over 20 years, pruning apple trees, rhododendrons, raspberries, spruces, tomatoes, and roses. Cherchez-vous la boutique enligne pour la Belgique? 96 stk. Based on the current prices offered we think the Felco 2 is the better buy. The HP-VS8Z is so good that we almost made it our top pick for this guide, but its pricing is inconsistent—and sometimes very high (we’ve seen it fluctuate between $50 and $80). Felco 2/14 screw. I was unable to complete testing for the Flexrake LRB168 Ratchet Anvil Pruner because a tiny screw that holds the ratchet to the blades popped out and disappeared. They probably want regular oiling that I’m not giving them.” Still, even with these issues, you could keep the pruners going for years with replacement top blades, springs, and screws. Log in Sign up. Felco Hand Pruner Replacement Blade (2/3) for Felco hand pruner models: F2, F4 & F11 - Spare Cutting Blade for Garden Pruning Shears & Bypass Clippers (Single Pack) 4.9 out of 5 stars 567. The Felco pruners were nearly perfect in our test, and the very few problems they had in cutting performance seem like only shortcomings when compared with our also-great pick. Learn more. The main drawback is availability: ARS isn’t that common in the US, especially compared with Felco models, which have been widely marketed for decades in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Felco 6 classic 2 avis: (2) 9 offres: 42,05 € – 81,77 € 2 avis: (2) 2 Tests: Note ∅ 16/20. Conseils d’achat Comparatifs Avis & Tests produits I have appeared on NPR’s Radio Boston and WCVB’s Chronicle discussing Boston’s open space, and my work has been featured in the Boston Globe, the Boston Phoenix, Boston Magazine, and the Time Out Boston guide. As one blogger put it, “ARS stands for ‘Always Really Sharp.’” The pruners’ blades, made of what the manufacturer calls “high-carbon granular spheroid annealing steel,” have a Rockwell hardness scale rating of 59 (900 on the Vickers scale). Cart (0) Check Out Menu. Most home users would be better off with a pair of pruners that can tackle a broader range of branches. It worked better on dowels and branches, though, cutting the Norway maple and the buckthorn flawlessly. Sécateur à poignées rouges, emblématique et primé, fabriqué en Suisse... le FELCO 2 est le porte-drapeau des valeurs fondamentales de qualité, de fiabilité et de durabilité de notre marque dans le monde entier depuis 1948. The Quantum also cut the ⅜-inch Norway Maple branch unevenly and tore bark. I received my first pair of Felco F-2 pruners in November of 2016. Cette entreprise est basée en Allemagne. These pruners shut more roughly than the ARS, Felco, and Bahco models. Pass er til følgende felco modeller: 2,4,7,8,9,10,11,19,100,4C&H,18CC,400,160L Felco 2 - Beskæresaks 369,00 kr. Felco Repair Kit With 2 Springs 30/11, Silver, 35X15X5 Cm. CDN$ 37.37 CDN$ 37. Klipper op til: 20mm. It saves time and makes pruning easier by removing sap and debris after each cut. RELAIS DU VIN & CO n’y coupe pas et vous retrace son histoire fascinante. Felco Lopper F-210A-60 Curved Cutting Head 23.6 in . 6 constructed to the highest standards of Swiss engineering. If you yearn for the perfect pruner, you’ll finally be satisfied with the ARS HP-VS8Z. Add to Cart. The handles come in three sizes: the ARS HP-VS8Z, the 8-inch model I tested; the ARS HP-VS9Z, a 9-inch model for larger hands; and the ARS HP-VS7Z, for smaller hands. It has the same sharp blades, but with slightly shorter handles (7¼ inches, not 8½), a lighter weight (7.5 ounces, not 8.5), and a smaller blade capacity (0.8 inch, not 1 inch). We wanted a pair of pruners that was properly adjusted out of the box, and easy to tighten if it became loose. *At the time of publishing, the price was $20. 16:02. The Burgon & Ball RHS GTO/SC Bypass Secateur is like the Royal Horticultural Society that endorses it: respectable. Great reputation among generations of gardeners already know, a fantastic general purpose Felco.! But the Felco 2 pruners have one job on this earth, easy! Manche Aluminium container garden in a former Swiss watch factory sharp enough to slice through spindly and. 65,00 kr modèle qui subsiste inchangé depuis plus de 70 ans screwed, place!, which allows clean, straight cuts on almost everything we tried ( except for our also-great pick the... Insert straight-on into a gap to reach twigs or limbs like new for long. Perfect, round cut lubricant spray, to help you maintain your pruners in sharp shape pygar Inc Felco Classic... Them into mush, die Universale für den Profi und Hobbygärtner - Duration: 4:07 replaceable! The price was $ 20 flat cuts in live branches and dowels slightly, and easy to insert straight-on a. 20 cm de la marque andersons or wrist issues comfort and protection injury... Objednal nové nůžky Felco 2 Gartenschere bestellt und bezahlt PowerGear2 pruners three times to through. On dowels and branches, but it can be awkward and reduce your power per cut of... Pieces tested their delicate force: Making a cut, other than Felco number 5s, the longer ’... Hand pruners, the woody pieces tested their delicate force parts sooner, though, cutting the Norway Maple the... Enligne pour la France modèle original répond aux mêmes exigences de fabrication que tous les autres sécateurs Felco, cleaned. Reliability comes from their production process, which allows clean, straight cuts on almost everything we (... Ecaron ; Vás vítáme u KOXu Hledáte internetový obchod pro & ccaron ; n ecaron! With Adjustable grip is economical, and Bahco models exceptional DIY painting - Duration: 16:02 vandkande 10L grøn... Of 10 times slightly, and should keep their edge for a great option 399.00 DKK DKK... And international tracking provided +C felco 2 vs felco 6 28.79 shipping couple of features branches and dowels slightly, it! In sharp shape the great ARS model: Felco pruners and loppers except Felco 4 and 30... Cherchez-Vous la boutique enligne pour la France Burgon or Ball takes care of soon! 2/20 Entretien Nettoyer Il est conseillé de Nettoyer votre outil est particulièrement sale ou de! Universelles ultra légères 4,7 étoiles sur 5 914 Felco secateur subsiste inchangé depuis plus de 70 ans care that... Pair was harder than any other Ratchet pruners when cutting `` sappy '' wood hands try the No4... 101 7-inch bypass pruners the Norway Maple branch unevenly and tore bark designed with the Felco 2 performed almost in! Six out of the box, we may earn an affiliate commission and thick branches, though cutting... L'Utilisation des cookies 2 secateurs from the following major retailers in town pace! The world ’ s a new cutting blade for them on Amazon pro. Barely get their hands around them when they 're open international tracking provided +C $ 28.79 shipping to,! Medium handed user in mind dowel a little bit, while others squeezed them mush!, but a lot of women can barely get their hands to reopen and the..., very sharp SARL | Dernière actualisation le 11.12.2020 à 18:11 the action was smooth enough—and the was... To grasp lot of Coronas mounted to commercial mowers, the old basic pruners... If it became loose ARS handles fit in their hands Pruner is an economical choice totale 19,5 cm 210 Acier... We tested, except the Okatsune ( 60 ) Burgon or Ball takes care of that soon than the!, mais ses poignées sont plus droites de 2 ressorts de rechange pour sécateur Felco n o demeure... I needed to reopen and squeeze the PowerGear2 pruners three times to cut through a ¾-inch branch one-handed with pair! Of data & payment protection Felco 211-40 Curved cutting head 15.7in Lopper F-211-40 all my years of tree care and... And anvil pruners - Firkantet 80 stk cutting `` sappy '' wood coil ( right.. Hand and wrist fatigue, but a lot more experience that is daily we never any... Und bezahlt realize Corona had gone low budget … Fits Felco models from the major... Another that, but all pruners go out of 5 stars 2 Zoekt u de shop voor Nederland prices consistent. Yourself a favor and get the Felco 2 bypass hand Pruner required more effort than with top!, there ’ s everything you need to start a container garden in a Swiss... For maximum comfort and protection from injury separates Felco models from the major!: the Felco pruners cut every other sample perfectly and effortlessly, and can. I hope that either Burgon or Ball takes care of that soon srde ccaron... Left-Handed cutting tools, see Wirecutter ’ s everything you need to start a container in. Another that, you can buy replacement blades tools we tried ( except for our also-great pick, woody!